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Стусівський університет проти російської пропаганди

Стусівський університет проти російської пропаганди

Стусівський університет проти російської пропаганди

3 квітня 2022 року на російському сайті «РИА Новости», що вважається офіційним рупором кремля, була опублікована пропагандистська стаття під назвою: «Что Россия должна сделать с Украиной».  Це фактично детальна інструкція покрокового знищення України й української нації. Ключовими словами в ній стали гасла про «денацифікацію», «деукраїнізацію», «люстрацію» та «тотальний терор», який росія планує запровадити в Україні після її «демілітаризації».

Цей пропагандистський ксенофобський текст підписано іменем Тимофія Сергейцева – одіозного політтехнолога, відомого співпрацею із командами українських екс-президентів Леоніда Кучми та Віктора Януковича, олігарха Віктора Пінчука.

Вісімдесят років тому Гітлер вважав єврейське населення Європи загрозою і влаштував Голокост. Сьогодні з’явився інший диктатор із таким самим спотвореним поглядом на історію та світ, але тепер об’єктом його збочених амбіцій стали безневинні українці. Апологети та прихильники його злочинних поглядів, такі як автор цієї ксенофобської статті, не мають сумнівів у тому, яким є “остаточне рішення”  щодо українського народу, тобто поневолення та остаточне знищення.

Студенти-магістри Факультету іноземних мов ДонНУ імені Василя Стуса разом із викладачами Світланою Кришталь, Маоією Дзюбан, Вікторією Шевчук, Олесею  Бойван, з консультативною допомогою John McCarthy – Official Metropolitan Police Interpreter переклали цей пропагандистський текст. Як дослідники, ми вважаємо за необхідне поділитися із нашими колегами  англомовною версією цього наративу антиукраїнського дискурсу. Він має бути досліджений науковим співтовариством для вироблення ефективних механізмів протидії пропагандистській машині кремля.

English Translation of the propaganda text “What Russia should do with Ukraine”

RIA Novosti, Sergey Timofeytsev, 3 April

Back in April last year, we wrote about the inevitability of the denazification of Ukraine. We do not need Nazi Bandera Ukraine, which has become the enemy of Russia and the tool of the West to destroy Russia. Today, the issue of denazification has moved on to a practical plane.

Denazification is necessary when quite a number of people – most likely the majority – have been influenced by and dragged into the Nazi philosophy of their leaders. That is, when the hypothesis “the people are good – the government is bad” does not work. Recognition of this fact is the basis of the policy of denazification, including all its ensuing measures, and the fact itself is its subject matter.

This is exactly the situation Ukraine has found itself in. The fact that the Ukrainian citizen voted for the “peace of Poroshenko” and the “peace of Zelensky” should not mislead us – the Ukrainians were quite satisfied with the shortest path to peace through the blitzkrieg, which the last two Ukrainian presidents transparently hinted at during their election campaigns. It was just this method of “appeasement” of internal anti-fascists – through total terror – that was used in Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovs`k, Mariupol, and other Russian cities. And this suited the Ukrainian residents perfectly. Denazification is a set of measures in relation to the nazified multitude, who technically cannot be subjected to direct punishment as war criminals.

The Nazis who took up arms must be destroyed on the battlefield in as large numbers as possible. No significant differences should be drawn between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the so-called national battalions, as well as the territorial defence groups that joined these two types of military formations. All of them are equally involved in extreme cruelty against the civilian population, equally guilty of the genocide of Russian people, as well as of violating the laws and customs of war. Demonstration trials of war criminals and active Nazis must be arranged. A total lustration must be carried out. Any organizations that have associated themselves with the practice of Nazism must be liquidated and banned. However, apart from the senior government, quite a number of people, who are passive Nazis, accomplices of Nazism are guilty as well. They supported and indulged Nazi power. The fair punishment of this part of the population is only possible through their undergoing all the trials of the just anti-Nazi war, which should be as sparing to the civilians as is deemed possible. Further denazification of this part of the population involves re-education, which is achieved through ideological repression (suppression) of Nazi stances and strict censorship not only in the political sphere, but also, unconditionally, in the sphere of culture and education. It was through culture and education that a deep massive nazification of the population was drafted and eventually implemented; it was secured by the promise of dividends from the victory of the Nazi regime over Russia, Nazi propaganda, internal violence and terror, as well as the eight-year war against the people of Donbass who rebelled against Ukrainian Nazism. 

Denazification can only be implemented by the victor, which implies (1) the victor`s unconditional control over the denazification process and (2) the authority, which supports such a control. In this respect, the country which is denazified cannot preserve sovereignty. The state that denazifies – Russia – cannot employ a liberal approach in the process of denazification. The guilty side, subjected to denazification, cannot challenge the ideology of the denazifier. Russia’s recognition of the necessity of the denazification of Ukraine means recognition of the impossibility of the Crimean scenario for Ukraine as a whole. However, such a scenario was not possible in 2014 in the insurgent Donbass either. Eight years of resistance to Nazi violence and terror have led to internal cohesion and a conscious, unequivocal refusal to maintain any unity or contact with Ukraine, which has defined itself as a Nazi society.

 In order to be effective denazification must focus on at least one generation of people, who are born, grow up and mature under the conditions of denazification. The nazification of Ukraine has lasted for more than 30 years – since at least 1989, when Ukrainian nationalism gained legal and legitimate forms of political self-expression and led the “independence” movement, aspiring to Nazism.

The main peculiarity of modern Nazified Ukraine lies in its amorphousness and ambivalence, which allow for the disguising Nazism as a striving for “independence” and “European” (Western, pro-American) ways of “development” (in reality – of degradation), as well as asserting that in Ukraine “there is nothing but one-off excesses of Nazism”. Indeed, there is no major Nazi party, no Fuhrer, or fully-fledged racial laws (only their curtailed version in the form of repression of the Russian language). Consequently, there is no opposition or resistance to the regime.

However, everything mentioned above does not make Ukrainian Nazism a “light version” of the German Nazism of the first half of the 20th century. On the contrary – since Ukrainian Nazism is free from

these “genre” frameworks and limitations (of a political-technological character), it freely unfolds as the fundamental basis of all kinds of Nazism – in its European manifestation together with American racism, which is the most developed form of Nazism. Therefore, there can be no compromise agreement, such as “No – to NATO, yes – to the EU” in the process of denazification.

The collective West itself is the designer, source and sponsor of Ukrainian Nazism, while the Western Bandera followers and their “historical memory” are just one of the tools of the Nazification of Ukraine. Ukrainain Nazism poses no less threat to peace and Russia than the German Nazism of Hitler.

Clearly, the name “Ukraine” cannot be preserved as the title of any fully denazified state entity in the territory liberated from the Nazi regime. The new people’s republics created in the Nazism-free space shall be based on the practice of business self-government, social security, restoration and modernization of all life-support systems.

In fact, their political leanings cannot be neutral – atonement for treating Russia as an enemy can only be achieved through relying on Russia exclusively in the processes of rebuilding, revival and development. There must be no “Marshall Plans” for these territories. “Neutrality” is incompatible with denazification and is impossible in terms of ideology or practical sense. Personnel and organizations that work as instruments of denazification in the new denazified republics cannot but rely on Russia’s direct military and managerial support. Denazification will inevitably turn into de-Ukrainization, i.e a rejection of the artificial large-scale inflation of the ethnic component of self-identification of the population inhabiting the territories of historical Little Russia (Malorossiya) and New Russia (Novorossiya), which was initiated by the Soviet authorities. Being an instrument of the communist superpower, artificial ethnocentrism did not stay unclaimed after its fall.  It passed, in its instrumental capacity, to the leadership of another superpower (the power reigning over national states) — the superpower of the West. It must be brought back to natural boundaries and deprived of political capacity.

Historically, unlike, let us say, Georgia and Baltic countries, the existence of Ukraine as a nation state is impossible and any attempts to ‘build’ one consistently lead to Nazism. Ukrainism is an artificial anti-Russian construct with no civilizational essence of its own; a subordinate element of a foreign and alien civilization. Debanderization alone will not be enough for denazification, as the Bandera element is just a tool, a screen and a disguise used for the European project of the Nazi Ukraine. That is why the denazification of Ukraine means its inevitable de-europeanization.

The Bandera elite are to be eliminated, as their rehabilitation is impossible. The masses that have actively or passively supported them through action or inaction must go through the hardships of war and acquire this experience as their historical lesson and redemption. Those who did not support the Nazi regime and suffered from it, as well as from the war it started in the Donbas region, must get consolidated and organized, become the backbone of the new authorities, their vertical and horizontal structure. As history has shown, the tragedies and dramas of war do benefit the nations that were tempted and carried away by their role of Russia’s enemy.

Denazification, being a goal of the special military operation within the limits of the operation itself, is defined as a military victory over the Kyiv regime. It also implies the liberation of the territories from the armed Nazi-proponents; the elimination of hardened Nazis; the imprisonment of war criminals and the creation of the systemic conditions for further denazification in peacetime.

The latter, in its turn, must begin with the organization of local governments, police and defence institutions, cleared of Nazi elements, the launching on their basis of founding processes for the creation of a new republican statehood, the integration of this statehood into the close cooperation with the Russian agency on denazification in Ukraine (newly created or reorganized on the basis of federal government agency, for example, Rossotrudnichestvo), the adoption of the republican regulatory framework (legislation) on denazification under Russian control, the definition of boundaries and framework for the direct application of Russian law and Russian jurisdiction in the liberated territory in regard to denazification, the establishment of a tribunal for crimes against humanity in the former Ukraine. In this regard, Russia must act as the guardian of the Nuremberg Trials.


Everything said above means that for the denazification goals to be achieved, the support of the population is required; so is its transition to the Russian side after the liberation from the terror, violence and ideological pressure of the Kyiv regime and after its withdrawal from the information isolation. Naturally, it will take a while for people to recover from the shock of military actions and become convinced of Russia’s long-term intentions, meaning “they will not be left in the lurch.” It is impossible to predict in which territories exactly the population will form a critically needed majority. The “Catholic Province” (Western Ukraine, which embraces five regions) is unlikely to be a part of the pro-Russian territories. However, the line of alienation will be found experimentally. Ukraine, still hostile to Russia but forcibly neutral, demilitarized and with a formal ban on Nazism, will remain behind the line. This is where the haters of Russia will go. The threat of an immediate continuation of the military operation for non-compliance with the listed requirements is to become a guarantee of keeping this remaining Ukraine in a neutral state. This may require a permanent Russian military presence on its territory. The space from the line of alienation up to the Russian border will mark the territory of potential integration into Russian civilization, which is anti-fascist by nature.

In peacetime the logic of the denazification operation in Ukraine will be the same as during the first military phase. At each stage, it will be necessary to achieve irreversible changes, which will mark their results. The first essential steps of denazification can be defined as follows:

-the elimination of armed Nazi formations (which include any armed formations in Ukraine, including the Armed Forces of Ukraine), as well as the military, informational, educational infrastructures that maintain their activity;

-formation of public self-government bodies and police (defense and law enforcement) on the liberated territories, to protect the population from the terror of secret Nazi groups;

-installation of the Russian media space;

– withdrawal of educational materials and the prohibition of educational programs that contain Nazi ideological messages on all levels;

– mass investigatory actions aimed at establishing personal responsibility for war crimes, crimes against humanity, the dissemination of Nazi ideology and support of the Nazi regime;

– lustration, disclosure of the names of the collaborators of the Nazi regime with their involvement into forced labor in order to rebuild damaged infrastructure as punishment for their Nazi activities (for those who will not face the death penalty or imprisonment);

– adoption of primary local measures on denazification “from below” under the supervision of Russia; a ban on all types and forms of the revival of Nazi ideology;

– putting up memorials, memorial plates, monuments to the victims of Ukrainian Nazism, perpetuation of the memory of the heroes who fought against it;

-providing the constitutions of newly-created people’s republics with a complex of anti-fascist and denazification norms;

-creating permanent denazification bodies for a period of 25 years.

Russia will have no allies to help with the denazification of Ukraine. Because, first of all, it’s the Russian people’s concern. Second, it is not just the Bandera version of the Nazi Ukraine that will be eradicated. Western totalitarianism, imposed programs of civilization degradation and mechanisms of subordination to the superpowers of the West together with the USA will be eradicated too.

In order to implement the denazification plan in Ukraine, Russia itself will have to ditch all pro-western and pro-European illusions. We need to be fully aware of the fact that we are the last barrier that can protect and preserve the worthwhile values of historical Europe (Old World) which the West forwent, thus losing the fight for itself. This fight had been going on throughout the XX century resulting in World War I and the Russian revolution, two events inseparably linked.

Russia has done its utmost to save the West in the XX century. Russia implemented the Socialist red project – the main Western project, which was an alternative to the capitalism that defeated the nation-states. It crushed German Nazism, a horrific product of the crisis of Western civilization. As the last manifestation of Russian altruism Russia offered its friendship in the 1990s only to receive a horrendous blow.

Everything Russia has done for the West was done at its own expense and through great sacrifice. The West eventually rejected all the sacrifice, devalued Russia’s contribution to resolving the Western crisis, and decided to take revenge on Russia for the help it selflessly provided. From now on, Russia will be going its own way, without worrying about the fate of the West, relying on another part of its legacy: leadership in the global decolonization process.

Within the framework of this process, Russia has a good outlook for partnership and alliance between Russia and those countries that the West has oppressed for centuries and which will never accept the western yoke again. But for Russian sacrifice and struggle, these countries would not have been liberated. The denazification of Ukraine is at the same time its decolonization – something the Ukrainian population will have to realize as it is being freed from the intoxication, temptation and dependence on the so-called European choice.

* An extremist organization banned in Russia.


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