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Юрій Теміров про міжнародну ситуацію навколо України

Юрій Теміров про міжнародну ситуацію навколо України

Кандидат історичних наук, доцент, доцент кафедри міжнародних відносин і зовнішньої політики, декан факультету історії та міжнародних відносин ДонНУ імені Василя Стуса Юрій Теміров про міжнародну ситуацію навколо України, тактику і стратегію ведення російсько-української війни, міфологізацію технологічності російських збройних сил, героїчний опір українців, недоліки російської військової машини, миротворчі сили в Україні, військо-технологічну допомогу Заходу Україні, питання закриття неба, НАТО та додатково-адаптивні альянси. 

«Denying the possibility of the No-fly zone over Ukraine creation, NATO officials refer to their own rules, as well as the risk of direct military confrontation with russia.

As for the rules, it has already been broken. Let’s mention operation against Milosevic regime, known as Operation Allied Force (OAF). It was aimed at ending a humanitarian catastrophe caused by Serb actions against Kosovo Albanians. NATO’s missile strikes on Serbia contradicted not only the UN Charter but also the Alliance’s own rules. An interesting explanation of NATO’s actions was given by the US Ambassador to Ukraine Stephen Pifer at a meeting with students of the Faculty of History of Donetsk National University. Asked by our student whether NATO’s actions violate international law, Pifer answer consisted of the following question: Do you not trust the decision of democracies?

It is worth re-reading Tony Blair’s Chicago speech, in which, among other things, he questions the absoluteness of one of the basic principles of international law – non-interference in internal affairs. Here are the words from the Chicago speech that directly resonate with Russia’s current aggression against Ukraine:

“One of the reasons why it is now so important to win the conflict is to ensure that others do not make the same mistake in the future. It will be a major step to ensuring that the next decade and the next century will not be as difficult as the past. If NATO fails in Kosovo, the next dictator to be threatened with military force may well not believe our resolve to carry the threat through.”

This is the same situation now. Dictator putin does not believe in the determination of the West and this encourages his criminal actions. It is clear, that putin is not Milosevic. putin has nuclear weapons and threats of the new world war. How did we come to the conclusion that the kremlin dictates its terms? putin’s madness is an important, but not the only one reason. The second reason is the confusion of the West, which acts reactively, according to the scenario of the insane. It is not too late to seize the initiative. Unusual, risky decisions and actions are needed. Established procedures and rules no longer work! We need to show determination, including the use of military means, which Tony Blair wrote about.

It is the determination that can avert war, but the confusion of the West only brings it closer.

In a Chicago speech, Blair quotes John F. Kennedy: “Freedom is indivisible and when one man is enslaved who is free?”

Is only freedom indivisible? Is security divisible? If Ukraine, which protects not only its freedom but also the whole free world, is in danger – can the West feel safe?»

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